Reboot Coming Soon…

Next month I begin my first ever sabbatical.

A sabbatical is an intentional reboot of your schedule, priorities, and focus in life. It will be a season characterized by rest, rejuvenation, reflection,  and return. One area I would like to return to during this season is writing. For me a blog was never about getting readers, or subscriptions, or building influence in different markets. It was simply about thinking critically, imagining vividly, and writing regularly.

Sadly, it has been nearly eighteen months since my last journal entry, twenty months since my last blog post, and nearly two years since I have written any poetry or articles. I haven’t even mustered enough desire to write at length on Facebook (I mostly just post striking articles and ironic pictures all day long) and my domain name ( expired!

But with the sabbatical reboot comes a return:

A return to creating.
A return to writing.
A return to my blog.

Please join in the return!



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